Build A Digital Menu

The Essentials To Build Up A Digital Menu

We all know that we live in a world full of digits, more or less a digital world, depending on our digital presence to keep on going on and on.

We will not talk much about this point but rather we will let you know the basics yet the most powerful keys to build up your digital menu for restaurants that will increase your profit.

Why invest in a digital menu?

  1. Showcase items information; you can include all the calorie, nutrients and other content.
  2. Easy access to editing & update at any time making it easy to schedule content when necessary.
  3. Better costumer experience by showing videos, graphics, or promotional information that entice the customer. Decreasing the wait times and display the customer’s name so they know when their order is ready.

At first, you need to get organized!

Gather all the information, sort the data and collect images. At last puzzle them together using these strategies to form your irresistible menu that will help you increase your profit. YES designing your menu wisely helps your fatten your wallet even though it will be costly.

Note: You do not need to overload your customers with too much of content and images so they will lose interest.

You can always mimic your printed menu but who wants copy themselves. Be متجدد and create something new by reading through these couple of essentials.


    1. Use photos carefully

      Photos of food speaks larger than words. Use photos of high quality that attract your costumer’s eye leaving them wondering about the taste! You can give illustrations a try they reflect your restaurant personality.

    2. Use Videos

      Videos are said to be return on investment since purchase are made watching a video. Video content is said to be the most engaging content type available on the web today.

    3. Use Categories & Boxes

      So you do not overwhelm your costumers. Divide your content in boxes and categorize them into groups. You need to consider using white spaces when locating the boxes – research show that the usage of white spaces develops the reader’s understanding by 20%.

    4. Font, Typography

      These are one of best font styles you need to consider depending on your kitchen style:

      • Blackletter
      • Old style serif
      • Modern serif
      • Transitional serif
      • Slab serif
      • Script
      • Novelty

      The next step now is using the right color which is most likely to be a high contrast to pop your menu. Just keep in mind that the color selection must reflect the restaurant type. Here are the color meanings that helps your selection:

      • Red: stimulate appetite,
      • Green: health oriented.
      • Blue: suppress the urge to eat.
    5. Content & Currency

      Do not stress over prices rather emphasize on ingredients. Since most costumers are health oriented make sure to list all the ingredients in every item so it be the first thing they see in your menu, rather than the price.

    6. Promote on your menu

      Advertise special offers and discounts using friendly features so that your customers keep up with your latest promotions. You can also share the most orders items!

    7. Entertain your clients

      Stream some stories, videos and live behind the scenes. You can always repost your happy satisfied posts.

    8. Marketing resources

      Make sure to state all the information of your restaurant, starting from the logo passing by the telephone number, address, and never ever forgetting about your website and social media presence! Social media is one of the greatest impact on your business, so you do not want to miss on it.

      At last, what makes your menu to be perfectly designed is to take your costumers highly into consideration. Your menu must help them decide on what to settle on when ordering their food leaving them satisfied.
      Keep them coming!