Control Food Waste | Food Waste Management

Clever ways to control your food waste

Let’s be honest, food waste has a direct impact on your restaurant profit. Knowing how to reduce your waste will save lots spoilage, starting from ordering the ingredients to portion control all the way to monitoring your kitchen as a whole.

Food cost varies by day to weeks so here are the simplest ways to have control over your food at your restaurant.

First thing comes first. You have to calculate your food consumption by using the Food Cost Formula: (Cost of Goods Sold / Food Sales) x 100 the result given in percentage. This calculation will help you in the long run to stay on budget – track your profit and loss statement – save time- save money and food.

Be consistent when calculating your inventory. It is crucial to check your inventory on a regular basis. Set a specific time; it may be every first day of every week, starting of every month or yearly.

Manage your food supply by connecting with suppliers and seek the best price possible with a high quality food of course! Try asking for discounts that competitors are offering. Try not to shop in bulk, it’s true that it is price effective but in the same time it can leave you with food waste, so divide your order in several shipments

To reduce waste you have to control the food portions by monitoring how much food is being used in every plate and how much is thrown away.

F.I.F.O method is “First In First Out” accounting method used to prevent food from expiring without being used and your shelves are stocked with fresh ingredients. As a result, your oldest food will be sold first.

Here, you can make up daily special recipe with the ingredients has been in your pantry for a while.

Involve your chef and the team in the food waste management.  It is very important to educate your staff members on how to store food correctly and avoid throwing food away.