Creating a Successful Newsletter

Easy steps to create a successful newsletter

If you are wondering what is an email newsletter and how it can drive more engagement to your website and to your overall business then you have come to the right place!

This kind of marketing will help you reach new possible and will make your current customers feel valued that will keep them coming back to your restaurant.

Let’s go for a quick detailed tour around the practices that will turn you into an email marketing expert!

  1. What is an email newsletter?

It is an advertisement tool used to highlight the main trends in your business. It is sent out to a specific email list on specified date & time providing customers with informative and helpful content, keeping them updated with the latest promotions, new releases, events, and much more.

You have to gather your costumers email address sort them out and click the send bottom to your customers so and every email you send could be the encouragement someone needs to make a purchase.

  1. How to create a successful newsletter?

Write an attractive Subject

The subject rules are sacred that must be applied by word to serve its purpose. The correct subject will definitely boost your rates and increase your numbers since it is the first thing your readers will get. Be specific and creative. Do not be basic and boring! Let the subject be informative about the content in an interesting style.

Content is where all the information is given

You want your content to be full of information about your products and special offers in not so boring words to keep your readers attracted.

  • Write relevant content
  • Focus on your target audience
  • Add high quality photos
  • Promote deals
  • Talk about new menu items
  • Highlight your special dates
  • Share recipes

The design comes now

The design must reflect your product/service concept. Make sure to design your newsletter for mobile devices as well, since most of emails are opened on mobiles.

  • Select the same colors or try to comply with your brand.
  • Select light background colors, it’s preferable to use white color.
  • Select a match font color of your brands identity; depending on the background color chosen.
  • Use your logo for the Header.
  • Use all your business information in the footer. (Company name – Website link – Phone numbers – Location – Address – Social media links).

Make sure to schedule the posting timing

Is your newsletter supposed to be sent out weekly monthly or monthly?  This depends on the type of information it’s delivering, whether you are giving basic data, hosting and event. Whatever you decide on make sure to be consistent.

Here are the best times to send your newsletter

  • 10am or 11am
  • 8pm till midnight
  • 2pm

Here are the best days to send your newsletter

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Wednesday

Make sure to follow up on result

This step is very crucial to indicate your performance on so many levels.

  • It helps you see the gaps you missed
  • It helps you improve your content
  • It helps you know how many people it reached and how many times it was opened.
  • It helps you know how many new subscribers and unsubscribes you got.