Easy Steps to increase your Table Turnover

Easy Steps to increase your Table Turnover

Table turnover is how often your tables are occupied during a measurement period of time. The average table turnover is 3 times per dinner or 1 time per 1 hour and a half.

Restaurant owner’s wants to keep their tables full as much as possible and turn their seats over, but in the same time they do want to make their guest feel rushed.  It is bit tricky increase your table turn over when having seated guested, so these steps will help you achieve a high table turn over;

  1. Hire excellent employees/Waiters

Your waiters must shoe up to the table as soon as the guest shows up. Don’t keep them waiting for this will be a waste of your time and they will definitely not be satisfied with the delay in taking their order especially if they are hungry.

  • If you have a large seated table, assign more than one waiter to take orders and have a better.
  • Clean the table while the guest are seated this will save you time when they leave.
  • Keep the clean cutlery near, so tables can be reset quickly.
  • Do not drop the check off before customers have to ask for it.
  • Politely ask you guests to escort the table after their check is paid only if you have long line of waiting customers.
  1. Activate online ordering

Invest in the option of online ordering for dine-in so you take orders from you guest before arriving to the restaurant to save time. It’s a winning situation for both parties.

  • Limit the interaction between your staff and customers.
  • Add flyers it to every table so your guest acknowledge your new feature
  1. Arrange your room

Consider re-arranging your restaurant tables and chairs. By the time you will know your guests and how they like to be seated. The middle space is the busiest in the room so keep it arranged well

  • Place tables and chairs in the center of the room.
  • Stay away from corners and walls.
  • Place chairs and sofas.
  • Paint your walls in bright colors (red, yellow, orange, and green). These colors encourage people to eat faster, which results in quicker turnover rates.
  1. Make your menu simple

Offer simple and small menu that includes the basic meals along with your specialties.

You can spice up the menu with every occasion or on the change of season, but keep in mind the overload of choices will make it difficult to your guest to choose. The quicker your guests place their order the faster they will finish which lead to higher table turnover.