How to Handle Negative Restaurant Reviews

Invest In Your Negative Restaurant Reviews

Restaurants can have nightmares also! That can turn their business upside down by just one negative review that is twisted into a mess over the internet and get massive interaction to ruining their reputation.

Restaurant owners depend on word-of-mouth marketing that is the best tool of marketing to grow their business.

Managing your social media existence is not just posting and keeping up-to-date, it is about knowing how to communicate professionally to every situation specially that bad ones. As marketers say, all publicity is good publicity, and you might just be in luck.

In order to take control over the negative reviews follow these guides:

  1. The customer is always right

You may not like this (we know) but it’s the like this “The customer is ALWAYS right”. They may not be always right but you have to turn the event to your direction by making them feel satisfied after a bad situation that led to negative review.

The wise thing to do is reading the negative review over and over again and try to put yourself in their shoes and then you will get to solve the situation using the correct words and take action afterwards.

Keep calm and do not get dragged with their anger.

  1. Do NOT respond immediately

Take your time to respond to the negative reviews. This will show that you are looking in to the problem deeply and taking their opinion into a value.

Even on social media you have to count your breaths before responding to negative reviews. You have to protect your restaurant reputation with everything you have but you need time to think it off to take the best of the negative reviews.

You can respond within 24 hours. So you cool off and the reviewer cool off as well.

  1. The Reaction

Acknowledge the problem and make your response honest. Since, it may be your restaurant fault or the customer fault, you have to figure out a way so these incidents don’t happen in the future. Thank them for the feedback – pay attention to the problem – give them solutions.

You can automate your response in a way you acknowledge and resolve their problem using a conversational tone.

Deleting the response is not an option, however the problem is minor or major. Do not hesitate into dig deep into the problem and talk about it even on social media. At the end of the day, one negative review can make a bad mess but it will not keep all your customers away.

Keep the response simple yet effective.

  1. Move offline

Some reviews cannot be discussed or resolved in public. However, you can reply briefly and take the issue behind the scenes. Some information needs to be done privately with the customer.

Contact the customer with the negative review on the social platform to take their contact information private and let the customer service handle it from there to address the problem.

Take an active approach to deal with the situation offline.