How to Track and Reduce Food Waste in the Restaurant Kitchen

Minimize Food Wastage in Your Kitchen This Ramadan

Ramadan is known as a time of fasting self-control and giving. Year after year the concern of food waste is getting bigger since most of the amount of food that is being prepared at the restaurant kitchen is going to the trash. This requires a bit of observation and calculation in order to control it more efficiently.

There are several ways to reduce food waste on any Iftar buffay; here are some ideas to read through.

Manage your measurements: You have to know what you are using and what is being thrown away because you can do a lot about it. Controlling your waste allows you to reduce the quantity being bought from the trader thus, the amount of money you are paying will automatically reduce.

Plate portion size: In Ramadan specifically food feast season hits the most, where delicious plate are craved, and not all food will be eaten so you will end in throwing maybe ¾ of the portion away. To prevent this from happening and keeping your table extravagant, you can estimate the quantity you are offering in the plate to be enough for one person so you reduce the waste at the end of the table service. So, the time spent on preparing the waste food will be put in other tasks in the kitchen, hence the work flow will be effectively driven.

If you are offering a Buffet you need it to look rich with variety of food with a twist of balance of course! Omega Systems offers the Best POS System in UAE that can make things easier and hassle-free. This Restaurant POS System Dubai allows you to select from each section in your menu couple of plates to serve, so you have different of courses to serve during the holy month.

Plan meals ahead: For Ramadan month, you can plan ahead the menu for the fasting days, so you purchase the right amount of food and ingredients. No more no less amount are being prepared and disposed to damage

Contribute in donating the leftovers: It’s the month of giving right? So why not giving the extra food being left in your kitchen! There are some people who are not capable of having a wide range of food on their tables during Ramadan. This little step will benefit both parties to feel content. You can also share it with a local mosque!