Restaurant Management | Hold Employee Theft

6 ways to hold on to Employee theft at your restaurant

Building up your business whether it’s small or huge, you go through lots of financial ups and downs. This makes you wonder where the loss is, and you always head to your accountant.

Unfortunately, some losses come from within and you might need to consider an employee theft of cash, inventory, raw materials and other supplies that may seem a little but it makes a lot of loss.

We, at omega of course are not financial advisors but we will highlight the issue from where you can spot the problem and several ways to prevent it.

This is how you might get stolen:

  • Taking Food or supplies home
  • Giving free meals to friends and family members.
  • Taking cash from the register.
  • Inflating tips.
  • Voiding orders.
  • Reusable receipts.
  • Register skimming.
  • And the list might go on & on …

This is how you can prevent employee theft

  1. Work with qualified business accountant to control your financial transactions. The Auditors make sure that the financial statements are accurate. They also assess financial operations to ensure that organization is running efficiently.
  2. Use a software to track your inventory; Invest in trusted POS software that can track your transactions from the flow of products to the supplier through the production process to the end customer. Here, Omega system can monitor register adjustments, track trends, and alert you to activity that could be suspicious.
  3. Divide the job:
    Do not distribute too many tasks to one person. Divide the work on several employees and only one person can review and sign. Let the financial transactions (Purchases, payroll…) be distributed to many employees so you can control the gap.
  4. Put petty cash procedure: Put a strict procedure when it comes to petty cash that everyone must work by it. Have one manager count the cash in the register for every shift. The petty cash drawer should also be verified and balanced weekly.
  5. Offer meals & discounts: Offering one free meal during a shift or a discounted meal will definitely reduce employee’s greediness. But, you have to make this policy strict and simple.
  6. Install security cameras; this may sound an old school but it’s a good preventative tool. Set up the surveillance cameras in accordance so you can track movements in video and sound.

Our Omega system prevents this kind of fraud in your business by showing metrics of your payments and receipts. In details, it has insight of; cash in and cash out, sales, employee management and scheduling, and inventory tracking, all in one dashboard.

Having doubts about your employees stealing from you? We got your back! Just contact us!