Cost Control

Reduce Food Cost in your Restaurant in order to increase profitability

How To Reduce Food Costs in your Restaurant

Great food and great service, delivered consistently, are at the heart of any successful restaurant business. But success — and survival — also depend on being profitable. Every restaurant owner, whether independent or part of a large chain, understands that inventory costs represent a significant variable expense to the business. Keeping control of those costs is as critical as the culinary magic that occurs in the kitchen. After all, how can a restaurant expect to make a profit when they are regularly running out of ingredients or losing money through shrinkage or waste?
Over-portioning and food waste are considered the two biggest factors for loss along with incorrect ring-ins, theft and unapproved discounts.
Here comes our role with more than 10 years’ experience in the F & B business, we will sure help you take control of every aspect of inventory, purchasing, system configuration and cost control to maintain a profitable restaurant.
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What we offer you

Cost Control

We prepare a recipe book with standard recipe for every dish sold with every ingredient.
We train the staff to use standard recipes ensuring quantities and preset portion sizes are followed
Regular updates.
We Check standard recipes are updated regularly with the latest prices from the supplier
Set targets.
We ensure every item on the menu is priced to achieve at least the target gross profit as a percentage or in cash
Set recipes for the semi finished product and make sure the items are portioned to make sure the recipes are followed and avoid waste.

Menu Mix low cost and high cost ingredients: We monitor the sales mix to see which menu items are the most popular.
We evaluate the menu items to make sure you are selling with the highest profit possible.

Wastage control: Reduce wastage. Calculate the amount of food waste, both from preparation and from plate waste, to monitor high risk areas
Identify slow moving stock and recognizes opportunities to reduce or increase availability of storage space
In Raw materials, the ability to reduce the stock by applying flexible supply techniques (e.g. just in time) reduced the investment required to keep large stock. This depends largely on the availability of credible suppliers able/willing to supply on short notice without causing drops in supply.
We keep an eye on how much stock you are holding – high stock levels mean less cash is available whilst also using up valuable space in the business.
Applying FIFO to reduce waste.

Inventory and theft control

Spot check inventories
Reduce variances
Setup the employees access level in order to avoid theft on the POS system
Analyze sales reports: Check and verify voids, discounts, wastages, variances and any action causing theft in the POS systems
Use ordering, inventory and security techniques that reduce food from going bad or being stolen.


Periodic analysis of food and beverage
Perform the end of month closure and generate the end of month reports
Check the variances at the end of the month and set a plan to solve them
Analyze the cost of goods report we generate to identify any operational issue and how to lower the costs.


We create purchase orders so that staffs taking delivery of orders know exactly what to expect on any given day and to better follow up with the suppliers and avoid errors and delay.
Conduct ordering based on forecasts
Supplier price checks
Keep control. Agree prices in advance with nominated food suppliers (this procedure is done with the management team of the restaurant)

Data Entry

Save up on the hassle of management and cost of employees for data entry
We help you build your database and control your transactions with an affordable cost .
Our team of experts and trained people will help you with all your entries (recipes, purchases, wastages, productions, stock takes etc.)

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