Go Smart & Efficient:
Omega’s Cloud Inventory Management Solution

Managing multiple outlets has never been easier

Empower Your Business: Top Inventory Management Software

Whether you’re managing the inventory for multiple outlets around the world,
or one store, Omega Inventory can easily do it all! 

Streamline Operations:
Powerful Inventory Tracking Tools

  • Track stock value in real-time

  • Stay on top of orders

  • Low stock alerts

  • Size and color management

  • Serial Numbers

Simplify Inventory & Order Management:

  • Multiple Locations / Warehouses / Stores

  • Inventory Changes over Time

  • Returns of Goods from Clients / to Suppliers

  • Set automated inventory counts

  • Never run out of your most popular products and reduce errors in human stock-takes

  • Product Cost Tracking over Time

Inventory Tracking & Real-Time Data:

  • Real Cost of goods

  • Comparative cost by branch

  • Yearly, monthly, weekly cost of goods sold

  • Multi-level Recipe management

  • Wastage and lost goods

Fully integrated with your POS and Accounting system

Cut a significant amount of time transferring or migrating data from one system to the other.

Automated Purchase Orders: Optimize Stock, Minimize Waste, Reduce Human Error

Generate purchase orders and transfer stock based on inventory forecasts and performance

  • Productions

  • Purchase order management

  • Expiry date management

  • Receiving of goods

  • Product Request and dispatching

  • Transfer between Locations

Get Customer Data & Build Loyalty With Sales and usage forecast

Bring customers back again and again. Build your own Loyalty Program. It takes minutes to set up.

  • Sales and Quotations

  • Catering & events

  • Min & Max Quantity & Reorder suggestions

  • Item usage forecast based on sales history

  • Reorder suggestions

Centralized Accounting

  • Access anytime, on any device

  • Multiple companies

  • Build better business insights

  • Accounting automation made easy

  • Cash Flow Tracking

The outstanding support you’ve always wanted

  • Unlimited support included
  • One-on-one onboarding session
  • Training videos, Webinars and demos

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