For growing businesses

Managing multiple outlets has never been easier

One powerful platform

Whether you’re managing the inventory for multiple outlets around the world,
or one store, Omega Inventory can easily do it all! 

Centralized inventory

  • Track stock value in real-time
  • Stay on top of orders
  • Low stock alerts
  • Size and color management
  • Serial Numbers

Run a more efficient business

  • Multiple Locations / Warehouses / Stores
  • Inventory Changes over Time
  • Returns of Goods from Clients / to Suppliers
  • Set automated inventory counts
  • Never run out of your most popular products and reduce errors in human stock-takes
  • Product Cost Tracking over Time

Figures at a Glance

  • Real Cost of goods
  • Comparative cost by branch
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly cost of goods sold
  • Multi-level Recipe management
  • Wastage and lost goods

Fully integrated with your POS and Accounting system

Cut a significant amount of time transferring or migrating data from one system to the other.

Productions and Product requests

Generate purchase orders and transfer stock based on inventory forecasts and performance

  • Productions
  • Purchase order management
  • Expiry date management
  • Receiving of goods
  • Product Request and dispatching
  • Transfer between Locations

Sales and usage forecast

Bring customers back again and again. Build your own Loyalty Program. It takes minutes to set up.

  • Sales and Quotations
  • Catering & events
  • Min & Max Quantity & Reorder suggestions
  • Item usage forecast based on sales history
  • Reorder suggestions

Centralized Accounting

  • Access anytime, on any device
  • Multiple companies
  • Build better business insights
  • Accounting automation made easy
  • Cash Flow Tracking

The outstanding support you’ve always wanted

  • Unlimited support included
  • One-on-one onboarding session
  • Training videos, Webinars and demos

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