Optimize Deliveries:
Fleet Tracking & Management

Real-Time Fleet Monitoring: Gain Visibility to all your Deliveries

Boost Efficiency & Reduce Costs:
Advanced Fleet GPS Tracking UAE

  • Track the time of your deliveries and evaluate your driver’s performance

  • Reduce your delivery costs and increase productivity

  • Monitoring screen for dispatchers to view drivers on map

  • View your available and allocated drivers

  • Calculate the estimated arrival time of drivers

  • Receive alerts of unsuccessful and delayed deliveries

Streamline Deliveries & Enhance Customer Satisfaction with O-Driver:

  • Driver can help the dispatcher by scanning the invoice to have it automatically dispatched and assigned to him

  • Dispatchers can assign orders from the POS, the driver will then receive an alert that it has been assigned to them

  • Notify of an emergency or delivery disruption

  • Receive navigational maps to arrive to the customer’s location

  • Location change updates

  • Order delivery time / feedback

  • End Of Day cash reconciliation

Fully integrated with your POS and Accounting system

Cut a significant amount of time transferring or migrating data from one system to the other.

Track Every Move: Real-Time Location, Route Optimization, Fleet Management

  • Number of open and unopened links.

  • Number of drivers.

  • Currently active drivers.

  • Pending orders.

  • Drivers that were active today.

  • Today’s orders.

  • Number of open and unopened links.

  • Delayed Orders.

  • Amount of SMS messages sent.

  • Ratings & Reviews.

  • Average rating.

O-Driver: On-Time Deliveries & Customer Satisfaction in Dubai

  • Location of the driver on the way to a customer

  • Location of the driver returning from a customer

  • standby drivers

  • Customers’ location

  • Identify the driver status by color on the map

Drivers’ App: Manage your customers location for simple deliveries

  • Drivers will scan the QR code or the barcode printed on the invoice
  • Claim an emergency (car accident, bad weather…)
  • End of shift report with a list of driver’s delivered orders
  • Easily reach customer location
  • Update customer’s address upon delivery

Get your customer’s feedback

Track your deliveries and reduce customer service calls with automatic real-time notifications when orders are received, dispatched, or delivered

  • Send your customers a link via SMS that will allow them to track their orders
  • Order tracking
  • Inform your customers when their order is received, ready, or dispatched
  • Customize the SMS the way you like it
  • Map showing the driver’s location
  • Make your own template design
  • Get reviews and comments
  • Let them rate their experience
  • Reward your customers

The outstanding support you’ve always wanted

  • Unlimited support included
  • One-on-one onboarding session
  • Training videos, Webinars and demos

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