Your Online Delivery App

Are you a restaurant owner and want your customers to order online easily with a mobile app of your own?
Omega Software provides you with a fast, easy to use mobile platform needed to launch your own branded
ordering mobile application with a clear UI under your name, customizable to your
needs and easy to manage, featuring full integration to your
restaurant’s existing Omega Software POS.

Online Ordering

Ordering food online will completely overtake phone ordering in the near future.

Ordering App

Having an ordering App is the right choice to enter the online ordering market with an easy to use applications for users, restaurant operators and drivers.

Orders Management

Map order tracking, promotions, up selling, push notifications.



Online registration for the users and verification by code sent by SMS to the user’s mobile.

Special offers, promotions, delivery time and delivery charge.

Order status tracking: Delivered to the restaurant, dispatched and delivered.

Geo-location option using the GPS to locate the user’s address on the map.

Placing orders by adding items to the basket with modifiers and comments.

Order status tracking: Delivered to the restaurant, dispatched and delivered.

Multiple addresses option (home, work, etc…)

Scheduling order arrival option.

Location tracking of the driver delivering the order on the map

Dislikes and allergies list entered by the user to be sent with every order.

Remembering orders: the application saves the user’s previous orders.

Order customization and special requests.


Back-end CMS.

Receive Order.

Dashboard, Statistics & Analytics.

Notification tool to communicate with customers.

Orders Management

  • Order filtering by category (Delivery, takeaway, future order.
  • Order filtering by city.
  • Ability to reject orders.
  • Easy to use dispatch screen.
  • A processed order screen to track all the orders dispatched to the drivers.
  • Ability to change the status of the restaurant to open or busy at any time.


Integrations O-Driver

  • Manage your fleet of drivers.
  • Track your drivers’ locations at any time.
  • Track the time of your deliveries and evaluate your driver’s performance.
  • Reduce your delivery costs and increase your productivity.

Integrations O-Live

  • Table Reservation & Management.
  • Kitchen Monitor.
  • Menu Maintenance.
  • Management Reporting.