Online Table Reservation

Smart Automated Table Bookings

Table Reservation Simplified

Built to make your job easier so that you can focus on what really counts: Your guests

Seamless Guest Booking and increased Revenue

  • 24/7 Online reservations, never miss a customer

  • Custom Floor Plans for Efficient Table Management

  • Automated Email or SMS Conrmation

  • Wait List Management to optimize guest flow

  • Dashboard & Reports to track your reservations

Get new reservations from your Website, Facebook, or Instagram Pages

  • Increase direct Restaurant reservations

  • Deliver personalized guest experiences based on real-time data

  • Easily communicate with your guests using our built-in email marketing campaign manager.

  • Phone integration for seamless operations

  • Increase table turns and get more customers outside of peak hours

  • Waitlist Management: Efficiently handle wait times and seat guests

Fully integrated with your POS and Accounting system

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Stay ahead of competition with guest intelligence

  • Find patterns in diner behavior and fill gaps

  • Take action before things happens and keep all your customers happy

  • Capacity management for Optimal Table Utilization

  • Spot trends and make better business decisions

  • Track guest history, preferences and birthdays, and create custom lists

On-the-Fly Reservations for Flexibility and Convenience Reservations on-the-y

  • Track and manage your bookings even if you’re not there

  • Real-time edit access to your reservation and customer list

  • Built-in optimization tools to fill all available tables and increase profitability

  • Share great customer feedback with your team, and address issues extremely fast

Reward your loyal customers with a personalized loyalty program

Bring customers back again and again. It only takes minutes to set up.

  • Centrally managed customer profiles.

  • Know your customers better with complete purchase history.

  • Bring your existing customers list to Merits with easy CSV import.

  • Run a powerful & exible loyalty rewards program and drive repeat business.

  • Increase customer retentionwith a flexible reward program and boost your sales now!

The outstanding support you’ve always wanted

  • Unlimited support included
  • One-on-one onboarding session
  • Training videos, Webinars and demos

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